We will focus the proposed project on research in developing new 3D methods and modelling tools based on specialized interpolation and derivation of morphometric parameters for three dimensional surfaces in GIS. Additionally, research on the relationship between the land surface and subsurface phenomena the karst environment is not appropriate without their three-dimensional representation and modelling.

The main aim of the proposed project is the development of new methods for processing 3D data on landscape acquired by terrestrial and airborne lase scanning and their application to the 3D landscape model in a GIS environment. The results will be demonstrated using the study area with the karst landscape.
Partial research goals are as follows:

  • development of new methods for optimized processing of terrestrial and airborne laser scanning with focus on surface and subsurface relief forms and features;
  • parallelization of interpolation and simulation methods that use massive data sets;
  • analysis of possibilities for laser scanning of selected landscape components (especially vegetation canopy);
  • research and development of new 3D GIS tools and their application to analysis and modeling landscape components and phenomena.
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