Master students

Edita Godočová

Thesis - Detailed 3D digital modelling of selected microspeleoforms in the Domica Cave

Status - defended on 24 May 2016

The aim was to generate 3D models of specific microforms of the Domica cave surface which was mapped by by terrestrial laser scanning. Methodology was based on the Poisson surface reconstruction algorithm (Khazdan et al., 2007) implemented in Meshlab (Cignioni and Ranzuglia 2014) and Cloud Compare (Giradeau-Montaut, 2004) softwares.


Thesis - Land cover changes and landscape transformation in the Domica cave area

Status - in progress, planned date of completed May, 2016

The main aim is to detect land cover changes in the karst landscape based on historical maps and field mapping in the Domica cave area. The input data will be analysed and processed in GIS.


Bachelor students



Thesis -Comparison of selected methods for generation virtual 3-D city model

Status - in progress, planned date of completed May, 2015

The main aim of the research is to compare selected methods for creating 3-D models of buildings. The models will be generated using digital photogrammetry, airborne laser scanning and terestrial tachymetry.




Thesis - Digital 3-D parametrization of Kysak cave (in Slovak)

Status: Completed May, 2014

The main goal of this work was a proposal of methodology and generation 3-D cave model from point cloud. Proposed method is based on collection of vertical profiles of cave using laser distance meter placed on tripod when we moved between stations located on a polygonal transverse of a cave. Proposed methodology was aplied on the Kysak cave. Resulting 3-D cave model was generated using ArchiCAD software .


Proposed methodology of 3-D data collection of cave is related with SPATIAL3D project because we tested methodology for data collection and generation 3-D model of cave in places, where it is not possible aply terestrial laser scanner.





Thesis - Multiscale analysis of the Spišská Magura Mountains in GIS

Status: Completed May, 2014

The main aim of the research was to demostrate selected approaches of multiscale ananlysis using digital geomorphometry. The research was focused on analysis of digital terain model at variable scale, wchich it was regulated using the methodology of (i) "moving window" with variable size and (ii) changes of spatial resolution of raster of digital terain model. The results demostrate scale regression of the landforms based on the analysis of geomorphlogical grids.









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